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Happy Wo'men's day

To begin with, let me tell you I'm not here to promote feminism. I prefer supporting a person, without considering their sex before doing so. Since today is International Women's day, I have been getting messages and images on Whats app since morning. Not only that, you will see images and posts of different kind based on women rights on Facebook and Twitter today. Suddenly everyone is so respectful towards women...isn't it? Strange! Because, just yesterday I read somewhere that some orphan girls were molested in an orphanage at some state in India. Anyway, I saw a post this morning on Facebook that says respect a woman for who she is, not what she wears. Well! that's right. But don't forget it the next day when you pass a comment on a woman or a girl saying 'see...what dress she is wearing...that's why rapes happen in India'. Well, I don't really remember whether it was a woman or a man who posted that on Facebook, but I am pretty sure even some wom…